Fraud Guarantee changes the integrity risk paradigm.


Now, investors can gain deeper insight into their investment opportunities and into those with whom they are investing. Investors also, for the first time, can insure their equity investments against defaults due to fraud.

Our mission at Fraud Guarantee is to help reduce the risk of fraud as well as mitigate the damage caused by fraudulent acts. Our management team has over 50 years of experience, from a complimentary mix of industries, giving us an edge in the fraud protection business. We have begun by building products that protect investors in the private equity marketplace. We will continue to add fraud protection tools in the future, helping protect individual consumers and businesses in a wide range of industries. Despite the protection our products and services provide, we strongly advocate a proactive approach to prevent fraud in the first place. It is this conviction that inspires us to educate, as well as protect our clients whenever possible.

Industry Experts. Expert Experience


Fraud Guarantee executives are industry leaders in the fields of finance, fraud examination, insurance and cyber security. Fraud is unfortunately all too prevalent, especially in the private equity markets. This sector is integral to our economy especially the start-ups and small businesses, which are the engines of job growth. Many of these companies do not qualify for bank loans, as they are new entities without a proven track record, assets, or earnings and thus depend on private investment. Fraud Guarantee provides these investors peace of mind through comprehensive intelligence, and insurance against losses due to fraudulent behavior, or defaults due to fraud.

21st Century Unparalleled Solutions


Fraud Guarantee’s background checks and risk analysis solutions can help mitigate fraud risk by quick intelligent analysis of billions of records, discovering relevant information for better informed decision-making. In addition to extensive personal profiles, assets and derogatory histories, our solutions leverage the power of proprietary algorithms and scoring capabilities to identify fraud. Fraud Guarantee can also custom create a solution to fit your needs.